AI Predicts When Heart Will Fail

Research, CUDA, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Higher Education / Academia, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jan 17 2017

Scientists from Imperial College London developed 3D virtual hearts from MRI scans to predict heart disease outcomes. “This is the first time computers have interpreted heart scans to accurately predict how long patients will live. It could transform the way doctors treat heart patients,” said Dr Declan O’Regan, lead author from the Imperial College London

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Share Your Science: Fighting Ebola with Supercomputer Simulations

Research, Cluster / Supercomputing, Computational Chemistry, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Higher Education / Academia, Molecular Dynamics, Share Your Science, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jan 16 2017

Thomas Cheatham, professor of Medicinal Chemistry and the director of research computing at University of Utah shares how they’re using the GPU-accelerated Blue Waters supercomputer and NVLink to compute the interactions of atoms that can lead to drug design and materials design.    “The GPUs have been really helpful, because we’ve optimized our codes (AMBER, a

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Watch an AI Play Mario Kart

Features, Research, cuDNN, GeForce, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Media & Entertainment

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jan 11 2017

A developer spent a couple of days over his winter break training an artificial neural network to play the classic racing game Mario Kart 64 and documented his results to share what he learned in the process. “It had been a few years since I’d done any serious machine learning, and I wanted to try

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NVIDIA’s High School Intern Builds Robots With Jetson TX1

Embedded Computing, Deep Learning, Jetson

Lan Malin, posted Jan 11 2017

Most high school students save their summers for vacations, trips to the beach and generally steering clear from school. Not so for Prat Prem Sankar. He spent last summer exploring deep learning, cultivating mentors and building humanoid robots with our Jetson TX1 embedded computing platform. At 16, Prat was NVIDIA’s youngest intern in recent memory. […]

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New AI App Provides Personalized Skin Care Evaluation

Features, News, Research, CUDA, cuDNN, GeForce, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jan 10 2017

With 65 years of skincare experience, Olay developed a deep learning-based tool that can act as your personalized beauty skin care advisor. “It’s become a real challenge to shop for skin care,” said Frauke Neuser, principal scientist at Olay. “You go into a store, and there are 50 yards of facial care products.” Olay, the

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