NVIDIA Delivers VRWorks Support for GeForce GTX 1080

GameWorks, VRWorks

David Coombes, posted May 26 2016

If you paid attention to the launch of our new Pascal-based GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070 GPUs, you are aware that VR had a huge influence on their creation.

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Open-Access Visual Search Tool for Satellite Imagery

News, Research, GeForce, Higher Education / Academia, Image Processing, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 26 2016

A new project by Carnegie Mellon University researchers provides journalists, citizen scientists, and other researchers with the ability to quickly scan large geographical regions for specific visual features. Simply click on a feature in the satellite imagery – a baseball diamond, cul-de-sac, tennis court – and Terrapattern will find other things that look similar in the

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“Fitbit for Cows” Uses Deep Learning to Provide Insights for Dairy Farmers

Features, News, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Internet / Communications, Internet of Things, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 25 2016

To meet the demand of the world’s growing population, farmers need to improve the productivity of their herds. Amsterdam-based Connecterra recently raised nearly $2 million to further develop their GPU-accelerated deep learning solution that consists of a wearable device that monitors each animal in the herd and transmits the data to a cloud platform for

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Share Your Science: Visualizing 200M Cybersecurity Alerts Daily with GPUs

Features, Research, Big Data & Data Mining, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Defense, Development Tools & Libraries, Image Processing, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Share Your Science

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 20 2016

Joshua Patterson, principal data scientist of Accenture Labs shares how his team is using NVIDIA GPUs and GPU-accelerated libraries to quickly detect security threats by analyzing anomalies in large-scale network graphs. “When we can move 4 billion node graphs onto a GPU and have the shared memory of all the other GPUs and have that

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