by Stephen Jones, posted Feb 15 2013

The Tegra Android Development Pack(TADP) is the perfect companion for developing native Android applications, installing all of the software tools required to optimize for NVIDIA’s Tegra platform. Tegra Android Development Pack 2.0r2 is updated with support for Android NDK r8b and all the latest Tegra development tools, including Nsight Tegra, Tegra Profiler and PerfHUD ES. To download TADP, you must be a member of the Tegra Registered Developer Program. To join simply create a...

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by Stephen Jones, posted Feb 14 2013

Are you tired of developing Android applications in Eclipse? Do you miss the comfort and familiarity of Visual Studio? Look no further. Nsight Tegra is a complete Android development environment integrated into Visual Studio 2010. Native Android project management is available using the ‘vs-android’ (MSBUILD) build integration and makefile/ndk-build projects are supported as well.

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GameWorks Expert Developer

by John McDonald, posted Jan 31 2013

Alpha Blending is a small--but important--part of virtually every 3D application. Conceptually, alpha-blending is used to communicate the transparency of a surface. Generally, consumer applications (games) tend to use RGB to communicate the color of the underlying surface, relying on the alpha channel to indicate the "opaquness" of that color. More specifically, when alpha blending is enabled in the pipeline, developers tend to use this form for their blending: DestinationColor.rgb...

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by Evan Hart, posted Jan 10 2013

In the last OpenGL SDK post I introduced the new SDK, now let me introduce our first new sample, “Simple Tessellation Shader”. As the name implies, it demonstrates the minimum parts necessary to use tessellation shaders in OpenGL. The sample only demonstrates tessellating the quad domain (rather than the triangular domain), and it shows two modes: one with a flat plane and one where the plane is wrapped into a torus.

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by Stephen Jones, posted Jan 04 2013

Join NVIDIA at the AT&T Developer Summit, Jan 6-7 2013 Calling all Android Developers! Join NVIDIA at the AT&T Developer Summit, Jan 6-7 2013, at The Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Use this opportunity to learn about the Developer Tools that NVIDIA provides free of charge to the Android Development Community. Tools like Nsight Tegra, the ultimate Android development environment for Microsoft Visual Studio, PerfHUD ES, our graphics profiling and debugging tool that...

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