Google Open-Sources Image Captioning Intelligence

Research, CUDA, Image Recognition, Internet / Communications, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Media & Entertainment, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 27 2016

Google released the latest version of their automatic image captioning model that is more accurate, and is much faster to train compared to the original system. “The TensorFlow implementation released today achieves the same level of accuracy with significantly faster performance: time per training step is just 0.7 seconds in TensorFlow compared to 3 seconds

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The Intersection of Large-Scale Graph Analytics and Deep Learning

Features, CUDA, Deep Learning, Graph Analytics

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 26 2016

Suppose you want to find the most influential user of Twitter. You would need to know not only how many followers everyone has, but also who those followers are, who the followers of those followers are, and so on. This is a graph problem. Graphs are a mathematical structure that model relationships between entities, whether […]

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NVIDIA GameWorks Wins Grand Prize at CEDEC AWARDS 2016

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Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 26 2016

NVIDIA GameWorks was awarded the CEDEC AWARDS 2016 Grand Prize, hosted this year at the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference in Yokohama, Japan. “We’re working hard every day to make interactive simulations that are used for drawings beautiful during game development, and also to improve their quality,” said NVIDIA’s Senior Manager of Asia-Pacific Developer Technology Bryan

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Machine Learning is Helping Change the Solar Industry

Features, News, Big Data & Data Mining, Cloud, CUDA, cuDNN, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 22 2016

A startup from California is using GPUs and big data to predict what homes are likely to buy solar panels. PowerScout is using GPUs on the Amazon cloud and cuDNN to train their deep learning models on a mix of data from commercial databases and LIDAR to detect solar panels from satellite images, and to

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Rapid Registration of Aerial and Orbital Imagery

CUDA Spotlight, CUDA, Image Processing, Image registration, OpenCV

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 21 2016

Devin White, Senior Research Scientist in the Geographic Information Science and Technology Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, shares how his team uses computer vision, photogrammetry and high performance techniques accelerated with GPUs to automatically validate the geopositioning accuracy of satellite imagery. White talked with us about the research at the 2016 GPU Technology Conference. Brad […]

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