Share Your Science: Using Virtual Reality to Optimize User Experience

News, Business Intelligence & Analytics, GTC, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Share Your Science, Virtual Reality

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Apr 05 2016

EASE VR Co-Founders Prithvi Kandanda, CEO and Fred Spencer, CTO share how they are using NVIDIA GPUs and real-time analytics to understand a user’s behavior in virtual environments. Use cases and applications vary across industries and including retail, sports, social, manufacturing, and entertainment. Learn more about EASE VR at Share your GPU-accelerated science with

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Hybrid Frustum Traced Shadows

HFTS, GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer

Jon Story, posted Apr 05 2016

I recently delivered a presentation on “Advanced Geometrically Correct Shadows for Modern Game Engines” at GDC 2016. If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend GDC, then you can catch up with what I was talking about right here! The presentation itself can be found on our developer website:

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Artificial Intelligence Helps the Blind ‘See’ Facebook

News, Image Processing, Internet / Communications, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Apr 05 2016

Today, Facebook introduced a new feature that automatically generates text descriptions of pictures using advanced object recognition technology. Until now, people using screen readers would only hear the name of the person who shared the photo, followed by the term “photo” when they came upon an image in News Feed. Now they will get a

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Check Out These 7 Hot Intelligent and Autonomous Machines Sessions at GTC 2016

Embedded Computing, GTC 2016, tegra

Lan Malin, posted Mar 30 2016

From research labs to cutting-edge startups to commercial construction sites, intelligent and autonomous machines rely on GPUs to perform. Visual computing is powering advances in computer vision, autonomous navigation, facial recognition, behavioral analysis and related applications. Join us to learn about the state of the art from the brightest minds in the field at next […]

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Share Your Science: Understanding Agricultural Genomics with GPUs

Research, Bioinformatics & Genomics, Climate/Weather/Ocean Modeling, Higher Education / Academia, Medical & Life Sciences, Share Your Science

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 30 2016

Understanding the critical genetic traits of agricultural crops will help develop crops faster in order to handle the world’s population growth and climate change. In a collaboration between Biochemist Alex Feltus and Computer Engineering PhD student Karan Sapra, the Clemson University researchers have created an interactive visualization tool using NVIDIA GPUs that allows them to

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