Android TV is Here: Leanback and Enjoy!

tegra, google io, Android TV

Andrew Edelsten, posted Jul 07 2014

At the annual Google I/O developer conference in June, Google announced a raft of new initiatives and technologies for Android. The most exciting pieces for us here at NVIDIA DevZone were:

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NVIDIA HairWorks tools released


David Coombes, posted Jun 26 2014

NVIDIA is pleased to announce release of the NVIDIA HairWorks tool chain. This can be used by artists to create realistic fur simulations such as those seen on Riley the Special Forces Dog in Call of Duty: Ghosts and the Wolves in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The tool chain includes 3ds Max and

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Unreal Engine 4 'Rivals' Demo running on Tegra K1 at Google I/O


David Coombes, posted Jun 25 2014

Today at Google I/O, Epic Games showed Unreal Engine 4 running on Android 'L' using the upcoming Android Extension Pack. The demo was built in collaboration with NVIDIA and was running on the Tegra K1. It featured deferred rendering, physically based shading with G-Buffers, image based lighting and HDR Tone Mapping.

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Full Release of Nsight Visual Studio Edition 4.0 Now Available for Download!

CUDA, OpenGL, Direct3D, Visual Studio, Debugging, Profiling, Nsight Visual Studio Edition, GameWorks, Developer Tools

Eric Foo, posted May 27 2014

Build, debug, profile and trace your Graphics and GPU Computing applications with Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 4.0 with support for CUDA 6.0, DirectX 9/11, OpenGL APIs directly within Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 or higher!

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