Debugging, DirectCompute, Nsight Visual Studio Edition, Profiling, Shader debugging, Windows 8.1

by Eric Foo, posted Oct 21 2013

A new version of NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition is available for download now! The NVIDIA Developer Tools team is proud to announce the release of Nsight Visual Studio Edition 3.2. This new version officially supports Windows 8.1, profiling DirectCompute dispatches in the frame profiler and improved shader debugging performance. Please note that this release of Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition requires NVIDIA Display Driver Release 327 or newer.

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GameWorks, GeForce Developer Stories

by David Coombes, posted Oct 18 2013

Winner of 10 E3 awards, HAWKEN is a Free-to-Play online FPS developed by Adhesive Games.  Built using the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), it features giant robots fighting in ruined futuristic cities.  HAWKEN uses PhysX particles and APEX Turbulence to create a more immersive and realistic experience for the player.  We talked to Johnny Costello of the NVIDIA PhysX Art Team to find out how it was done. Looking at the Turbulence effects, they feature a huge number of particles,...

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depth of field, dynamic shadows, Games, HDR, NVIDIA Shield, Shield, tegra

by Eric Foo, posted Oct 14 2013

Spotlighting how our blazingly fast Tegra 4 technology produces games with amazing visuals, including dynamic shadows, depth of field, and HDR to name a few, the video below shows game developers like Bitsquid, Steel Wool Games and Vivid Games show off their latest games running on Tegra 4.

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Games and Graphics, Tegra Developer Stories

by David Coombes, posted Oct 04 2013

This is a great article on why and how to take advantage of the hardware scaler available on Android platforms. This advice also applies to PC game developers where rendering to smaller buffers is common practice for performance reasons. Developers may also consider a hybrid approach where they render the 3d elements of their scene to a reduced resolution back buffer, scale this to the intended display resolution and then render 2D user interface elements such as text at the final display...

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GameWorks, OpenGL Development

by David Coombes, posted Oct 02 2013

Learn how to profile OpenGL 4.2 applications with Nsight Visual Studio Edition 3.1. This webinar shows how you can use Nsight Visual Studio Edition can be used to tune graphics applications.

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