NVIDIA Vulkan Developer Driver for Khronos Vulkan Spec update 1.0.54

Vulkan, GameWorks, DesignWorks, VRWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer

Mathias Schott, posted Jul 14 2017

The Vulkan Working Group released a major update to the Vulkan specification version 1.0.54, which includes new cross-vendor functionality in the form of 18 KHR exten

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Developer Voices

News, Research, Developer Voices

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 14 2017

We love seeing all of the NVIDIA GPU-related tweets – here’s some that we came across this week: Forgot how fast GPUs are. Finished training a model, had to run for train. Downloaded model to run eval.

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AI Learns to Lip-Sync From Audio Clips

Research, cuDNN, GeForce, Higher Education/Academia, Image Recognition, Media & Entertainment, Signal/Audio Processing, Virtual Reality

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 12 2017

University of Washington researchers developed a deep learning-based system that converts audio files into realistic mouth shapes, which are then grafted onto and blended with the head of that person from another existing video.

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Turn Your Selfies Into Chat Stickers

News, cuDNN, GeForce, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Media & Entertainment

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 11 2017

The developers of Prisma, Apple’s 2016 iPhone App of the Year, launched their second AI-based app called Sticky AI that turns your selfies into stickers to use in messages and on social networks.

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Next-Generation Under Vehicle Inspection System

News, cuDNN, Defense, GeForce, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 10 2017

Israeli startup UVeye developed an AI-based recognition system that scans the underside of moving vehicles to identify potential hidden threats.

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