Share Your Science: Visualizing 200M Cybersecurity Alerts Daily with GPUs

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Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 20 2016

Joshua Patterson, principal data scientist of Accenture Labs shares how his team is using NVIDIA GPUs and GPU-accelerated libraries to quickly detect security threats by analyzing anomalies in large-scale network graphs. “When we can move 4 billion node graphs onto a GPU and have the shared memory of all the other GPUs and have that

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Cleaning Up Radioactive Waste from World War II With Supercomputing

Features, Research, Cluster / Supercomputing, Computational Chemistry, Defense, Government / National Labs, Higher Education / Academia, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 19 2016

The Handford site in southeastern Washington is the largest radioactive waste site in the United Sates and is still awaiting cleanup after more than 70 years. Cleaning up radioactive waste is extremely complicated since some elements stay radioactive for thousands of years. Scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and six universities: The State University of

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Adobe Adds ‘Shazam for Fonts’ Tool to Photoshop

News, Research, Image Processing, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Media & Entertainment

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 18 2016

Designers have thousands of fonts to choose from, but what do you when you see the perfect font on a building or on a flyer you found on the street? Photoshop is using artificial intelligence to help designers identify typefaces that they have seen elsewhere. Revealed last year by Adobe researchers, DeepFont uses NVIDIA GPUs

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New Service Uses Artificial Intelligence to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

News, Cloud, Image Processing, Internet / Communications, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Media & Entertainment

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 17 2016

A new service called Bark will act as an online watchdog to protect your child from online predators and cyberbullying, as well as looking out for mental health concerns like depression or suicidal thoughts. Using deep learning and GPUs hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud, Bark scans through social media messages and alerts parents

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