AI-Powered Robotic Cameraman Tracks Moving Objects

News, Embedded, Higher Education / Academia, Image Processing, Jetson, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Media & Entertainment, Video Processing

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Apr 21 2016

A team of students and alumni from UC Santa Cruz developed a prototype device called Raven that clips onto a GoPro camera and automatically tracks a selected target with the help of computer vision. Enes Mentese, cofounder of Raven, thought of the idea for the device after he filmed his snowboarding experience and majority of

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Share Your Science: Creating Volumetric Video of Real People in Virtual Reality

Research, CUDA, GeForce, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Media & Entertainment, Share Your Science, Virtual Reality

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Apr 19 2016

Experience real people on any virtual reality headset. Joel Pitt, a machine learning researcher at 8i, shares how the startup is using NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA to put real volumetric video of humans in virtual reality environments. 8i’s technology allows creators to bring real people into volumetric virtual experiences by transforming HD video from multiple

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Virtual 3D Teleportation in Real Time with NVIDIA GPUs

Research, Augmented Reality, Internet / Communications, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Media & Entertainment, Video Processing, Virtual Reality

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Apr 18 2016

Imagine being able to virtually teleport from one space to another in real time. With 3D-capture cameras and a mixed reality display such as HoloLens, Microsoft Research’s new ‘haloportation’ innovation allows users to see, hear, and interact with remote participants in 3D as if they are actually present in the same physical space. Custom software

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Share Your Science: Leveraging Deep Learning for Personalized Drug Treatment Recommendations

Research, Computer Vision & Machine Vision, GeForce, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Medical & Life Sciences, Share Your Science

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Apr 15 2016

David Ledbetter, data scientist at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, shares how his team is using TITAN X GPUs and deep learning to help provide better recommendations of drug treatments for children in their pediatric intensive care unit. To train their models, 13,000 patient snapshots were created from ten years of electronic health records at

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Bringing Parallax to SHIELD

GameWorks, SHIELD Stories

Zi Ye, posted Apr 14 2016

Parallax is a first-person puzzle platformer which takes place between two overlapping dimensions. The player must weave back and forth between black and white, dodge deadly lasers, and manipulate gravity as they try to be in the right place, in the right dimension, and the right time.

With 32 challenging levels, Parallax will push your spatial reasoning skills to their limits.

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