NVIDIA Brings AI to ICML in Sydney

Events, Automotive, Higher Education/Academia, Jetson, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 26 2017

NVIDIA will be bringing together the best of minds and technologies in the field of AI to the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) in Sydney, Australia from August 6 to 11.

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Inferencing Images 100x Faster with GPUs and TensorRT

Research, Higher Education/Academia, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, TensorRT, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 25 2017

At this week’s Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference, NVIDIA demonstrated how one Tesla V100 running NVIDIA TensorRT can perform a common inferencing task 100X faster than a system without GPUs.

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Top AI Researchers Receive First NVIDIA Tesla V100s

Events, Features, Research, CUDA, cuDNN, Higher Education/Academia, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, TensorRT, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 24 2017

At this week’s Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference in Honolulu, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang surprised a group of elite deep learning researchers at CVPR to unveil the NVIDIA Tesla V100, our latest GPU, based on our Volta architecture, by p

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NVIDIA Releases Latest JetPack 3.1 SDK with TensorRT 2.1 for AI at the Edge

News, CUDA, cuDNN, Jetson, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 24 2017

NVIDIA released JetPack 3.1, the production software release for the Jetson TX1/TX2 platforms for AI at the edge. JetPack 3.1 doubles the deep learning inference performance for low latency applications for batch size 1.

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Developer Voices

Research, Developer Voices

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 21 2017

We love seeing all of the NVIDIA GPU-related tweets – here’s some that we came across this week: Jetpack installed! @nvidia Jetson TX1 is ready to be put to the test in Uganda!

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