Rapid Registration of Aerial and Orbital Imagery

CUDA Spotlight, CUDA, Image Processing, Image registration, OpenCV

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 21 2016

Devin White, Senior Research Scientist in the Geographic Information Science and Technology Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, shares how his team uses computer vision, photogrammetry and high performance techniques accelerated with GPUs to automatically validate the geopositioning accuracy of satellite imagery. White talked with us about the research at the 2016 GPU Technology Conference. Brad […]

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Share Your Science: Accelerating Aircraft Design on the Cloud

News, Research, Cloud, Computer Aided Design (CAD), GRID, Manufacturing, Share Your Science

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 21 2016

Cyril Chamenois, co-founder and COO of Elixir Aircraft, shares how they are using NVIDIA technologies to develop the industry’s first aircraft designed using cloud-based applications. Chameonis mentions Elixir is a small start-up with limited resources, and they are taking advantage of using the best-in-class tools on the cloud instead of investing on a large IT

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VRWorks Unreal Engine Branch adds support for VR SLI, Lens Matched Shading, and Single Pass Stereo

GameWorks, VRWorks

David Coombes, posted Sep 20 2016

NVIDIA has released a new VRWorks-enabled branch of Unreal Engine, adding support for new Pascal VRWorks. With this branch, Unreal developers can now easily take advantage of features including Lens Matched Shading, Single Pass Stereo, VR SLI and Multi-res Shading.

Lens Matched Shading uses NVIDIA Pascal hardware features to improve upon Multi-Res Shading, ensuring frame buffer and display pixel rates are matched for optimum performance.

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Etsy Buys Artificial Intelligence Startup to Enhance Search Capabilities

News, CUDA, cuDNN, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Media & Entertainment

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 20 2016

The popular handmade-goods site Etsy acquired Blackbird Technologies, a startup using GPUs to develop superior search relevance and recommendation technology. Using CUDA, TITAN X GPUs and the Theano deep learning framework with cuDNN to train their models, Blackbird’s technology combines image and text recognition to power a range of search capabilities, including personalized search, ranking,

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Vulkan C++ Bindings reloaded

GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer, DesignWorks, Vulkan

Markus Tavenrath, posted Sep 19 2016

A few months have passed since we’ve wrote about the Vulkan C++ bindings on the developer blog. Since then we’ve constantly been improving the API to simplify the usage to make it even easier to use Vulkan. Most of the improvements in this update are related to array handling and error handling, though we’ve also changed the basic interface a little bit.

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