CUDA, Debugging, Developer Tools, Direct3D, GameWorks, Nsight Visual Studio Edition, OpenGL, Profiling, Visual Studio

by Eric Foo, posted Sep 18 2014

The final release of NVIDIA Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 4.1 has been released under the downloads page. This release adds support for the new Maxwell architecture based GPUs (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970), OpenGL extensions, new types in the frame profiler, and CUDA 6.5 toolkit. Please note that this release requires a NVIDIA Display Driver version 343.98 or newer. Download Nsight Visual Studio Edition 4.1 Now! To download, you must be a member of the NVIDIA...

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DX11, DX12, GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer

by Iain Cantlay, posted Sep 16 2014

Stutter and hitching are often talked about when comparing games or measuring performance. However subjective comparisons are not that useful during development. In this article I will show an approach that can be used to quantify frame rate using statistical analysis. This allows for an objective comparison of performance during development. By measuring stutter and reducing it over time you can ensure your game delivers a smooth experience for the gamer. Although stutter in games has...

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CUDA, Developer Tools, GameWorks, OpenGL, Project Tango, tegra, Tegra Android Development Pack

by Eric Foo, posted Sep 03 2014

Develop on the latest and fastest mobile hardware available with NVIDIA® Tegra® K1, powering the all-new NVIDIA® SHIELD™ tablet andGoogle Project Tango Tablet Development Kit. Tegra Android Development Pack (3.0R3) is your source for all software tools required to start development in a single installation step. Release 3.0R3 adds NDK32 r10 and includes latest NVIDIA Android Developer Tools (Tegra Graphics Debugger, Tegra System Profiler,  Nsight™ Tegra®, Visual...

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Android TV, GameWorks

by David Coombes, posted Aug 25 2014

Android TV is coming to deliver the Android experience millions of users already know and love to their TV. With an established ecosystem and the Play store for in-app purchasing, Android TV has the potential to completely disrupt the living room. Developing for Android TV is relatively easy if you are already developing for Android. In fact if you support a game controller and HDMI out in your game you are most of the way there. This article will talk about how NVIDIA tools, code and...

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by David Coombes, posted Aug 16 2014

Last week at Gamescom, the world’s largest video game event, developer CD Projeckt RED showed off new footage from The Witcher3: Wild Hunt wowing the crowds. This highly anticipated title features some very cool technology for simulating and rendering dynamic hair and fur which is available to all game developers as part of NVIDIA GameWorks. In an interview with's Kris Rey, Art Producer, Stan Just called out NVIDIA HairWorks as bringing a next generation look to the characters...

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