GameWorks, PhysX

by Adam Moravanszky, posted Nov 12 2014

Hello readers!  I am Adam Moravanszky, engineering manager of the NVIDIA PhysX SDK team.  We decided to hijack this blog to take a break from the product introductions and do something a little bit different.  Our team will write a series of posts on topics around PhysX, mostly aimed at programmers using or getting started with PhysX.  The posts will also help anyone else out there get a better understanding about the problems we solve. The NVIDIA PhysX Team at work PhysX...

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64 bit, Android 5, ARMv8, CUDA, Denver, Developer Tools, GameWorks, Lollipop, OpenGL, tegra, Tegra Android Development Pack, Tegra K1

by Eric Foo, posted Nov 06 2014

This week marks the release of the Google Nexus 9 tablet, the first Android 5.0 “Lollipop” with full ARMv8-A 64 bit and OpenGL ES 3.1+ Android Extension Pack support, powered by the NVIDIA® Tegra® K1 64 bit mobile processor. Tegra Android Development Pack (3.0R4) adds immediate support for your 64-bit Android 5.0 application development needs and includes all software tools required to start development in a single installation step. Develop native Android 64-bit application...

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GameWorks, HBAO+, ShadowWorks

by Monier Maher, posted Oct 30 2014

NVIDIA ShadowWorks – HBAO+ 2.3. releasedLatest HBAO+ Release 2.3. windows binaries are now available for download from here . NVIDIA ShadowWorks - HBAO+ improves upon existing Ambient Occlusion techniques to add richer, more detailed, more realistic shadows around objects that occlude rays of light. Compared to previous techniques, HBAO+ is faster, more efficient, and significantly better.  New in release 2.3: The input normal data are now passed by value instead of by pointer (less error...

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GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer, OpenGL Development

by Cyril Crassin, posted Oct 28 2014

A few weeks ago, NVIDIA introduced the second-generation Maxwell architecture with the GM204 GPU, which is I believe, an incredible chip. The Maxwell 2 architecture is both highly energy efficient (~2x perf/watt of Kepler in games), and provides a lot of very exciting new graphics features (Some of them are exposed in Direct3D. See the GeForce GTX 980 white paper). These features are exposed in form of new OpenGL extensions starting with the R344 driver, and the specification for all NVIDIA...

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GameWorks, Turf Effects

by Monier Maher, posted Oct 23 2014

NVIDIA Turf Effects is a new NVIDIA GameWorks technology that empowers users to simulate and render massive grass simulation with physical interaction. Our grass technology provides a fully geometrical representation. Grass blades can be represented with a resolution as low as 3 triangles to several 100 triangles per blade by using continuous level of detail. This allows millions of grass blades to be simulated. The high fidelity allows for enhanced physical interaction. The rendering supports...

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