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by David Coombes, posted Feb 22 2014

NVIDIA’s presence at GDC this year will be larger than ever.  Whether you want to see the most powerful mobile processors, learn about rendering in the cloud or see the latest developments in PC gaming, we have something for you. Check out our official website and show guide here or keep reading for a few of our show highlights.

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by David Coombes, posted Feb 11 2014

Get your hands dirty and experience the latest and greatest tools for modern game development. Join us at GDC'14 for a set of hands-on labs, using content and technology from Croteam's Serious Sam 3, to learn the skills required to debug and optimize your game title for the latest gaming hardware for Desktop and Android. Multiple sessions are scheduled each day and each lab runs approximately 80 minutes.  

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by David Coombes, posted Jan 21 2014

In this presentation, Cass Everitt and John McDonald talk about some newer extensions to OpenGL and how they can reduce (or even eliminate) driver overhead. We'll discuss where performance goes, fundamentals of the graphics driver stack and specific GL extensions--such as Bindless rendering and MultiDraw commands.

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by David Coombes, posted Jan 15 2014

By now you’ve probably heard about the Tegra K1.  A family of power efficient SOCs that leverage the same Kepler GPU technology used in GeForce and Tesla graphics cards for mobile. The white paper goes over the SOC in more detail.

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by David Coombes, posted Jan 06 2014

Last night, ahead of this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang introduced Tegra K1.    The fifth-generation of NVIDIA’s Tegra line of mobile processors, it’s the first mobile SoC to support next-gen graphics capabilities. It does so by unleashing 192 Kepler graphics cores. These are the exact same cores used in GeForce graphics cards and Tesla supercomputer accelerators.

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