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by David Coombes, posted Apr 17 2014

Hardware Tessellation is one of the latest additions to the graphics programmer's tool kit. Originally only available on the PC it is also now available on next generation consoles as well as mobile devices like Tegra K1. Implementing tessellation in hardware is faster and more bandwidth efficient when compared to doing it in software. The DX11 pipeline adds several stages and is fully programmable which opens it up for a variety of interesting techniques. Developers creating AAA content...

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by Eric Foo, posted Mar 18 2014

The latest public release of Tegra Android Development Pack (2.0r8) is now available under the new NVIDIA GameWorks™ platform of NVIDIA Developer Tools. Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP) is a suite of SDKs, developer tools, drivers and OS images bundled in a single package to help simplify setting up and managing an Android development environment.

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by David Coombes, posted Mar 17 2014

Tegra K1 from NVIDIA is the next generation mobile chip with power comparable to an Xbox360 and full support for OpenGL 4.4. Tegra Graphics Debugger gives you the control to harness that power. Come and learn about the future of mobile graphics at our Code Lab on Wednesday 19th. The first 30 developers to register for each session and show up at the labs will be awarded an NVIDIA Shield DevKit. Register here to reserve yours!

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by David Coombes, posted Mar 11 2014

They laughed at Pandora and said that music streaming would never take off. They scoffed at Netflix and said that movie streaming would never last. Does anyone really want to bet against game streaming?

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by David Coombes, posted Mar 02 2014

Debug and profile OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenGL ES 3.0 and even OpenGL 4.x on Windows, OSX and Linux. Sharing a common UI with NVIDIA Nsight, Visual Studio Edition, you can leverage your experience across mobile, desktop and the cloud.   While not yet publicly available (we anticipate sometime in Q2), at GDC’14, you can learn to use this powerful graphics debugging and profiling tool directly from the graphics wizards that crafted it. Unleash the power of Tegra K1 with game-console-class...

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