by David Coombes, posted Mar 07 2015

This week at GDC we launched the latest member of the SHIELD family, a 4K capable Android TV that can play awesome Android games like Crysis3 natively as well as streaming the latest PC games from the cloud using our GRID game streaming service at 1080p 60fps. Powered by the awesome Tegra X1 superchip, the device costs $199 and can be used to consume media of all kinds as well as for hours of gaming pleasure. Develop Native Because the device runs Android L, anybody can develop for...

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Tags GameWorks

by Eric Foo, posted Mar 04 2015

Get ready to develop for the cutting edge of the gaming revolution with Tegra Android Development Pack 4.0R1 (TADP 4.0R1). With support for the newly announced NVIDIA® SHIELD™ powered by NVIDIA® Tegra® X1 processor with NVIDIA® Maxwell™ PC graphics architecture running Google Android TV operating system, TADP 4.0R1 will prepare your development environment with Android application development needs, including all software tools required to start development in a...

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Tags Game & Graphics Development, Mobile Development, Tools

by Eric Foo, posted Nov 15 2013

Shortly after the release of the NVIDIA SHIELD update to Android 4.3 (OTA Update 63/64), a bug was discovered that prevents Nsight Tegra, and other debuggers, from attaching to applications for debugging. This bug does not affect devices that are flashed with a full image. Instead it only affects devices where the OTA Update 63/64 releases were applied as a System Update on the device. A workaround to this issue is available to developers by directly flashing a full image onto the device by...

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Tags Game & Graphics Development, Mobile Development, Technologies

by Eric Foo, posted Oct 14 2013

Spotlighting how our blazingly fast Tegra 4 technology produces games with amazing visuals, including dynamic shadows, depth of field, and HDR to name a few, the video below shows game developers like Bitsquid, Steel Wool Games and Vivid Games show off their latest games running on Tegra 4.

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