Tags GameWorks

by Eric Foo, posted Jul 08 2014

Version 1.2 brings a new platform, new samples, and full source on GitHub! The NVIDIA GameWorks Graphics and Compute Samples for OpenGL version 1.2 are now available. The new samples in version 1.2 include: Two OpenGL Compute Shader samples that demonstrate compute/graphics interoperation generating particles and surfaces. Full-scene antialiasing via FXAA. High Dynamic Range rendering with tonemapping and multiple “flare”...

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Tags Mobile Development

by Stephen Jones, posted Jun 25 2012

In the mobile game development world, developer studios are discovering that the Tegra chipset offers a huge array of visual features that cannot be found on other mobile platforms.  When developers create games designed to take advantage of Tegra features, they want to use every tool at their disposal to tune the performance of their game. PerfHUD ES is one type of tool that lets developers get the most out of their Tegra-based hardware.

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