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AI / Deep Learning

U.S. Library of Congress Processes over 16 Million Historic Newspaper Pages Using AI

The U.S. Library of Congress developed a GPU-accelerated, deep learning model to automatically extract, categorize, and caption over 16 million pages of… 3 MIN READ

Developer Spotlight: Visualizing High-Resolution Atomic Structures to Simulate Molecular Dynamics

Experimental sciences deliver high-resolution atomic structures for biological complexes, but researchers need to refine those structures, prove their accuracy… < 1
AI / Deep Learning

Allen Institute for AI Announces BERT-Breakthrough: Passing a 12th-Grade Science Exam

The system called Aristo can read, learn, and reason about science, in this case emulating the decision making of students. 4 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Google Develops ASR System To Help People with Speech Impairments

Google researchers have developed a deep learning-based automatic speech recognition (ASR) system that aims to improve communications for people with… 2 MIN READ

IBM Donates a $12 Million GPU-Accelerated Supercomputer, powered by NVIDIA V100 GPUs, to MIT

To help MIT researchers run more elaborate AI models, IBM is donating a $12 million GPU-accelerated supercomputer, powered by the latest NVIDIA V100 GPUs… < 1
AI / Deep Learning

Deep Learning Helps UCLA Scientists Identify Cancer Cells in the Blood Instantaneously

UCLA researchers have just developed a deep learning, GPU-powered device that can detect cancer cells in a few milliseconds, hundreds of times faster than… 3 MIN READ