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Creating Custom, Production-Ready AI Models Faster with NVIDIA TAO

Learn about the latest updates to NVIDIA TAO, an AI-model-adaptation framework, and NVIDIA TAO toolkit, a CLI and Jupyter notebook-based version of TAO. 2 MIN READ
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Developing and Deploying Your Custom Action Recognition Application Without Any AI Expertise Using NVIDIA TAO and NVIDIA DeepStream

Build an action recognition app with pretrained models, the TAO Toolkit, and DeepStream without large training data sets or deep AI expertise. 15 MIN READ
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Speech Recognition: Deploying Models to Production

Deploy optimized services that can run in real-time using Riva, a GPU-accelerated SDK for developing speech applications. 8 MIN READ
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Speech Recognition: Customizing Models to Your Domain Using Transfer Learning

Creating a new AI/DL model is a resource-intensive process. The NVIDIA TAO Toolkit can cut that time from 80 weeks to 8, using transfer learning. 9 MIN READ
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Speech Recognition: Generating Accurate Domain-Specific Audio Transcriptions Using NVIDIA Riva

Thousands of companies are using speech AI to interact with customers. Learn the benefits of using speech AI with the NVIDIA Riva end-to-end pipeline. 4 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Brings Low-Code Development to Vision AI with DeepStream 6.0

AI streaming analytics toolkit, DeepStream helps build high-performance, low-latency, complex, video analytics applications and services. 2 MIN READ