Graphical representation of automatic speech recognition for transcription, controllable text-to-speech, and natural language processing in a chatbot.
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Build Speech AI in Multiple Languages and Train Large Language Models with the Latest from Riva and NeMo Megatron

Read a recap of conversational AI announcements from NVIDIA GTC. 3 MIN READ
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Create Speech AI Applications in Multiple Languages and Customize Text-to-Speech with Riva

This month, NVIDIA Riva released world-class speech-to-text in Spanish, German, and Russian, empowering enterprises to deploy speech AI applications globally. 3 MIN READ
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ICYMI: New AI Tools and Technologies Announced at NVIDIA GTC Keynote

New AI software tools include Riva Customer Voice, TensorRT, Triton Inference Server, Merlin, NeMo Megatron, and DeepStream. 5 MIN READ
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Introducing NVIDIA Riva: A GPU-Accelerated SDK for Developing Speech AI Applications

Learn about the Riva SDK and its use in developing speech AI applications. We also discuss pretrained models in NGC, TAO Toolkit for transfer learning. 7 MIN READ
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Building Transcription and Entity Recognition Apps Using NVIDIA Riva

Build a web app that can transcribe speech from a live video chat and tag key phrases in the transcript. We also show you how to train an NER model. 19 MIN READ
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Creating Voice-based Virtual Assistants Using NVIDIA Riva and Rasa

Here's how to easily build your first voice-based virtual applications that are ready to deploy and scale. 15 MIN READ