Tag: Simulation

AI / Deep Learning

Using Physics-Informed Deep Learning for Transport in Porous Media

Simulations are pervasive in every domain of science and engineering, but they are often constrained by large computational times, limited compute resources… 8 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Researchers Harness GANs for Super-Resolution of Space Simulations

Carnegie Mellon University and University of California researchers developed a deep learning model that upgrades cosmological simulations from low to high… 3 MIN READ
Data Science

NASA and NVIDIA Collaborate to Accelerate Scientific Data Science Use Cases, Part 1

Over the past couple of years, NVIDIA and NASA have been working closely on accelerating data science workflows using RAPIDS and integrating these GPU… 7 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

Training in NVIDIA Isaac Sim Closes the Sim2Real Gap

Interested in designing, testing, or training your robot in a virtual environment? This can all be done with Issac Sim on the NVIDIA Omniverse simulation… 3 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

Learn How Industry Leaders Are Architecting Solutions for Automotive Design and Development at Scale at GTC 2021

Autonomous vehicles are born in the data center, and at GTC, attendees can learn exactly how high-performance compute is vital to developing, training… 4 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

5 Omniverse Sessions You Can’t Miss at GTC 21

Discover how next-generation collaboration and simulation are bringing the future closer for developers across industries. 3 MIN READ