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Machine Learning Frameworks Interoperability, Part 3: Zero-Copy in Action using an E2E Pipeline

Introduction Efficient pipeline design is crucial for data scientists. When composing complex end-to-end workflows, you may choose from a wide variety of... 7 MIN READ
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Accelerated Signal Processing with cuSignal

Why signal processing?  Signal processing is all around us. Broadly defined as the manipulation of signals — or mechanisms of transmitting information... 9 MIN READ
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AI Research Could Help Improve Alexa’s Speech Recognition Model by 15%

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Amazon published a new paper describing how they trained a deep learning system that can help Alexa ignore speech... 2 MIN READ
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AI Helps Protect Endangered Elephants

According to the U.N., up to 100 elephants are slaughtered every day in Africa by poachers taking part in the illegal ivory trade. (more…) 3 MIN READ
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AI Can Help Anyone Become a Beatbox Champion

To help up-and-coming musicians create the best beats for their song, developers from a Japanese-based AI startup developed a deep learning system called Neural... 2 MIN READ
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AI Can Play It By Ear

Researchers from Facebook developed a deep learning system that can replicate the music it hears and play it back as if it were Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach.... 3 MIN READ