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Raising the Bar for Path-Traced Rendering in Unreal Engine 5: Q&A with 3D Artist Daniel Martinger

3D Artist Daniel Martinger discusses how he captured the attention of the computer graphics world with a path-traced rendered scene using an NVIDIA RTX 3090 and Unreal Engine 5. 4 MIN READ
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Rendering Perfect Reflections and Refractions in Path-Traced Games

Figure 1. Railgun trail reflects and refracts as a Quake II RTX player shoots the railgun from underwater. With the introduction of hardware-accelerated ray… 17 MIN READ
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Video Series: Path Tracing for Quake II in Two Months

You wouldn’t know Quake II is now more than 20 years old when looking at the new RTX version. Path-traced reflections, shadows, and dynamic light sources bring… 14 MIN READ