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Accelerating High-Volume Manufacturing for Inverse Lithography Technology

Inverse lithography technology (ILT) was first implemented and demonstrated in early 2003.  It was created by Danping Peng, while he worked as an engineer... 6 MIN READ
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High-Performance Geometric Multi-Grid with GPU Acceleration

Linear solvers are probably the most common tool in scientific computing applications. There are two basic classes of methods that can be used to solve an... 16 MIN READ
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AmgX: Multi-Grid Accelerated Linear Solvers for Industrial Applications

Many industries use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to predict fluid flow forces on products during the design phase, using only numerical methods. A famous... 7 MIN READ
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Accelerated Solution of Sparse Linear Systems

Fresh from the NVIDIA Numeric Libraries Team, a white paper illustrating the use of the CUSPARSE and CUBLAS libraries to achieve a 2x speedup of incomplete-LU-... < 1