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Ultra-Realism Made Accessible with NVIDIA AI and Path Tracing Technologies

At GDC 2023, NVIDIA released new tools that make real-time path tracing more accessible to developers while accelerating the creation of ultra-realistic game... 7 MIN READ
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Just Released: CUDA Toolkit 12.1

Available now for download, the CUDA Toolkit 12.1 release provides support for NVIDIA Hopper and NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture. < 1
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Just Released: NVIDIA Nsight Compute 2023.1

NVIDIA Nsight Compute 2023.1 adds more metrics and usability to the source view, a sample for shared memory banks, and improves the application replay... < 1
Graphic of Vulkan Video architecture
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GPU-Accelerated Video Processing with NVIDIA In-Depth Support for Vulkan Video

Vulkan Video gives developers the choice of a powerful new API for accessing video processing acceleration. NVIDIA is expanding its commitment to Vulkan Video... 7 MIN READ
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CUDA Toolkit 12.0 Released for General Availability

NVIDIA announces the newest CUDA Toolkit software release, 12.0. This release is the first major release in many years and it focuses on new programming models... 12 MIN READ
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Just Released: CUDA Toolkit 12.0

CUDA Toolkit 12.0 supports NVIDIA Hopper architecture and many new features to help developers maximize performance on NVIDIA GPU-based products. < 1