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Analysis-Driven Optimization: Finishing the Analysis with NVIDIA Nsight Compute, Part 3

In part 1, I introduced the code for profiling, covered the basic ideas of analysis-driven optimization (ADO), and got you started with the NVIDIA Nsight… 17 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Profiling and Optimizing Deep Neural Networks with DLProf and PyProf

Software profiling is key for achieving the best performance on a system and that’s true for the data science and machine learning applications as well. 19 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Understanding the Visualization of Overhead and Latency in NVIDIA Nsight Systems

Recently, a user came to us in the forums. They sent a screenshot of a profiling result using NVIDIA Nsight Systems on a PyTorch program. A single launch of an… 14 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Creating Optimal Meshes for Ray Tracing

When you are creating triangle meshes for ray tracing or reusing meshes that have been successfully used in rasterization-based rendering… 11 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Using Nsight Systems for Fixing Stutters in Games

While working with game developers on pre-release games, NVIDIA has had a steady flow of bugs reported where a game stutters for multiple milliseconds during… 8 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Optimizing Game Development with GPU Performance Events

Learn best practices for GPU performance events so that profiling tools can better navigate through complex frame rendering. 7 MIN READ