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Analysis-Driven Optimization: Analyzing and Improving Performance with NVIDIA Nsight Compute, Part 2

In part 1, I introduced the code for profiling, covered the basic ideas of analysis-driven optimization (ADO), and got you started with the Nsight Compute… 15 MIN READ

Analysis-Driven Optimization: Preparing for Analysis with NVIDIA Nsight Compute, Part 1

In this three-part series, you discover how to use NVIDIA Nsight Compute for iterative, analysis-driven optimization. Part 1 covers the background and setup… 14 MIN READ

Enhancing Memory Allocation with New NVIDIA CUDA 11.2 Features

CUDA is the software development platform for building GPU-accelerated applications, providing all the components needed to develop applications targeting every… 9 MIN READ

Using NVIDIA Nsight Compute in Containers

Containers are now ubiquitous, and for good reason; the portability and productivity enhancements they provide have made them a standard component in HPC and… 6 MIN READ

Using Nsight Compute to Inspect your Kernels

By now, hopefully you read the first two blogs in this series " Migrating to NVIDIA Nsight Tools from NVVP and Nvprof" and "Transitioning to Nsight Systems from… 22 MIN READ
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Migrating to NVIDIA Nsight Tools from NVVP and Nvprof

If you use the NVIDIA Visual Profiler or the nvprof command line tool, it’s time to transition to something newer: NVIDIA Nsight Tools. Don’t worry! 10 MIN READ