DDOCA software consists of an SDK and a runtime environment
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Get Started on DOCA for DPUs with a Free Introductory Course

Learn about NVIDIA DOCA and how to utilize the platform for accelerating Data Center computing on DPUs. 3 MIN READ
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Navigating the Global Supply Chain with Networking Digital Twins

NVIDIA Air enables data center digital twins for staging production deployments and testing out new network and application tools. 4 MIN READ
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NVIDIA BlueField DPU Ecosystem Expands as Partners Introduce Joint Solutions

Industry leaders are integrating their solutions using the DPU/DOCA architecture, as key partners showcase these solutions at the recent NVIDIA GTC. 4 MIN READ
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The Need for Speed: Edge AI with NVIDIA GPUs and SmartNICs, Part 1

NVIDIA GPU and Network Operators can be integrated into new edge AI platforms built on Kubernetes. 17 MIN READ
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Cooking Up New Network Models with NVIDIA Linux Switch

With Linux Switch on Spectrum, Yandex gained transparency and control over the network, and disaggregated networking hardware and software, and lowered costs. 5 MIN READ
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NVIDIA AI-on-5G for Enterprise: A Converged Platform for AI and 5G at the Edge

Learn how the NVIDIA AI-on-5G platform enables enterprises to deploy AI applications over their own private 5G network. 4 MIN READ