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Building Scientifically Accurate Digital Twins Using Modulus with Omniverse and AI

The latest release features Omniverse integration for interactive visualization, new AI architectures to accelerate the scientific simulations using data, and more. 4 MIN READ
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Insider’s Guide to GTC: AR/VR, Rendering, Simulation, and Video Streaming

Notable sessions in the making of Green Planet AR, animating realistic digital humans, building a power industry digital twin, and making virtual production more accessible. 6 MIN READ
Framework of Modulus.
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NVIDIA Announces Modulus: A Framework for Developing Physics ML Models for Digital Twins

Learn how NVIDIA Modulus blends physics and AI to deliver higher fidelity models, enabling more sophisticated and interactive digital twin applications. 2 MIN READ
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Accelerating Product Development with Physics-Informed Neural Networks and NVIDIA Modulus

In this post, we explore how the interactivity of a trained model using SimNet can greatly impact the product development process. 11 MIN READ
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Using Hybrid Physics-Informed Neural Networks for Digital Twins in Prognosis and Health Management

Read about a success story of a Modulus application in the use of hybrid PINNs for digital twins in prognosis and health management. 11 MIN READ
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Using Physics-Informed Deep Learning for Transport in Porous Media

This is success story of modeling the flow and transport in porous media using NVIDIA Modulus. 8 MIN READ