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Unified Memory for CUDA Beginners

This post introduces CUDA programming with Unified Memory, a single memory address space that is accessible from any GPU or CPU in a system. 16 MIN READ

ATCOM: Real-Time Enhancement of Long-Range Imagery

Imaging over long distances is important for many defense and commercial applications. High-end ground-to-ground, air-to-ground, and ground-to-air systems now… 9 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

CUDA Pro Tip: Optimized Filtering with Warp-Aggregated Atomics

This post introduces warp-aggregated atomics, a useful technique to improve performance when many CUDA threads atomically update a single counter. 14 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

Maxwell: The Most Advanced CUDA GPU Ever Made

Today NVIDIA introduced the new GM204 GPU, based on the Maxwell architecture. GM204 is the first GPU based on second-generation Maxwell, the full realization of… 8 MIN READ

5 Things You Should Know About the New Maxwell GPU Architecture

[Be sure to check out Maxwell: The Most Advanced CUDA GPU Ever Made, a newer post about the second-generation Maxwell GPU architecture. 6 MIN READ

Faster Parallel Reductions on Kepler

Parallel reduction is a common building block for many parallel algorithms. A presentation from 2007 by Mark Harris provided a detailed strategy for… 12 MIN READ