Web Scraping and How To Use It
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Scraping Real-Estate Sites for Data Acquisition with Scrapy

Data is one of the most valuable assets that a business can possess. It sits at the core of data science and data analysis: without data, they’re both... 12 MIN READ
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Accelerating ETL on KubeFlow with RAPIDS

In the machine learning and MLOps world, GPUs are widely used to speed up model training and inference, but what about the other stages of the workflow like ETL... 13 MIN READ
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Evaluating Data Lakes and Data Warehouses as Machine Learning Data Repositories

Data is the lifeblood of modern enterprises, whether you’re a retailer, financial service company, or digital advertiser. Across industries, organizations are... 11 MIN READ
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Accelerating Analytics and AI with Alluxio and NVIDIA GPUs

Data processing is increasingly making use of NVIDIA computing for massive parallelism. Advancements in accelerated compute mean that access to storage must... 10 MIN READ
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Announcing the NVIDIA NVTabular Open Beta with Multi-GPU Support and New Data Loaders

Recently, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announced updates to the open beta of NVIDIA Merlin, an end-to-end framework that democratizes the development of large-scale... 12 MIN READ
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Accelerating ETL for Recommender Systems on NVIDIA GPUs with NVTabular

Recommender systems are ubiquitous in online platforms, helping users navigate through an exponentially growing number of goods and services. These models are... 11 MIN READ