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Synchronizing Present Calls Between Applications on Distributed Systems with DirectX 12

Swap groups and swap barriers are well-known methods to synchronize buffer swaps between different windows on the same system and on distributed systems,... 6 MIN READ
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Raising the Bar for Path-Traced Rendering in Unreal Engine 5: Q&A with 3D Artist Daniel Martinger

NVIDIA was fortunate enough to speak with 3D prop and environment artist Daniel Martinger, who captured the attention of the computer graphics world with his... 4 MIN READ
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Visualizing Depth Precision

This post was originally published on the Developer Zone. Depth precision is a pain that every graphics programmer has to struggle with sooner or later. Many... 11 MIN READ
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Using Mesh Shaders for Professional Graphics

Mesh shaders were introduced with the Turing architecture and are shipping with Ampere as well. In this post, I offer a detailed look over mesh shader... 15 MIN READ
Single frame from Metro Exodus for performance event example
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Optimizing Game Development with GPU Performance Events

GPU performance events can be used to instrument your game by labeling regions and marking important occurrences. A performance event represents a logical,... 7 MIN READ
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The Peak-Performance-Percentage Analysis Method for Optimizing Any GPU Workload

Figuring out how to reduce the GPU frame time of a rendering application on PC is challenging for even the most experienced PC game developers. In this blog... 50 MIN READ