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Raising the Bar for Path-Traced Rendering in Unreal Engine 5: Q&A with 3D Artist Daniel Martinger

3D Artist Daniel Martinger discusses how he captured the attention of the computer graphics world with a path-traced rendered scene using an NVIDIA RTX 3090 and Unreal Engine 5. 4 MIN READ
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Visualizing Depth Precision

Discussion and diagrams to help you understand how nonlinear depth mapping works in different situations, intuitively and visually. 11 MIN READ
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Using Mesh Shaders for Professional Graphics

Mesh shaders were introduced with the Turing architecture and are shipping with Ampere as well. In this post, I offer a detailed look over mesh shader… 15 MIN READ
Single frame from Metro Exodus for performance event example
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Optimizing Game Development with GPU Performance Events

Learn best practices for GPU performance events so that profiling tools can better navigate through complex frame rendering. 7 MIN READ
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The Peak-Performance-Percentage Analysis Method for Optimizing Any GPU Workload

This describes a performance triage method used to figure out the main performance limiters of a given GPU workload, using NVIDIA-specific hardware metrics. 50 MIN READ
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Effectively Integrating RTX Ray Tracing into a Real-Time Rendering Engine

RTX is NVIDIA's new platform for hybrid rendering, allowing the combination of rasterization and compute-based techniques with hardware-accelerated ray tracing… 21 MIN READ