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Applying Natural Language Processing Across the World’s Languages

Despite unprecedented progress in NLP, many state-of-the-art models are available in English only. NVIDIA has developed tools to enable the development of even… 16 MIN READ
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MLPerf v1.0 Training Benchmarks: Insights into a Record-Setting NVIDIA Performance

Learn about some of the major optimizations made to the NVIDIA platform that contributed to the nearly 7x increase in performance since the first MLPerf… 31 MIN READ
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Accelerating the Wide & Deep Model Workflow from 25 Hours to 10 Minutes Using NVIDIA GPUs

In this post, we detail the new TensorFlow2 implementation of the Wide & Deep model that was recently added to the NVIDIA Deep Learning Examples repository. 14 MIN READ
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HPL-AI Now Runs 2x Faster on NVIDIA DGX A100

The HPL-AI (High Performance Linpack – Artificial Intelligence) benchmark helps evaluate the convergence of HPC and data-driven AI workloads. 2 MIN READ
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Scaling Language Model Training to a Trillion Parameters Using Megatron

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has seen rapid progress in recent years as computation at scale has become more available and datasets have become larger. 17 MIN READ
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Detecting Financial Fraud Using GANs at Swedbank with Hopsworks and NVIDIA GPUs

Recently, one of Sweden’s largest banks trained generative adversarial neural networks (GANs) using NVIDIA GPUs as part of its fraud and money-laundering… 10 MIN READ