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Upcoming Workshop: Model Parallelism: Building and Deploying Large Neural Networks (EMEA)

Learn how to train the largest of deep neural networks and deploy them to production. < 1
An ancient manuscript.
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Deciphering Ancient Texts with AI

Looking to reveal secrets of days past, historical scholars across the globe spend their life’s work translating ancient manuscripts. A team at the University... 4 MIN READ
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Fighting Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes with Neural Networks

Targeting areas populated with disease-carrying mosquitoes just got easier thanks to a new study. The research, recently published in IEEE Explore, uses deep... 3 MIN READ
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Researching and Developing an Autonomous Vehicle Lane-Following System

Four years ago, a system known as PilotNet became the first NVIDIA system to steer an autonomous car along a roadway. This system represents a departure from... 15 MIN READ
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Powering AutoML-enabled AI Model Training with Clara Train

Deep neural networks (DNNs) have been successfully applied to volume segmentation and other medical imaging tasks. They are capable of achieving... 8 MIN READ
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DeepSig: Deep Learning for Wireless Communications

[caption id="attachment_11538" align="alignright" width="396"] Figure 1. The channel autoencoder matches the optimal known solution for BPSK in an AWGN... 12 MIN READ