An ancient manuscript.
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Deciphering Ancient Texts with AI

Looking to reveal secrets of days past, historical scholars across the globe spend their life’s work translating ancient manuscripts. A team at the University... 4 MIN READ
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Fighting Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes with Neural Networks

Targeting areas populated with disease-carrying mosquitoes just got easier thanks to a new study. The research, recently published in IEEE Explore, uses deep... 3 MIN READ
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Researching and Developing an Autonomous Vehicle Lane-Following System

Four years ago, a system known as PilotNet became the first NVIDIA system to steer an autonomous car along a roadway. This system represents a departure from... 15 MIN READ
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Powering AutoML-enabled AI Model Training with Clara Train

Deep neural networks (DNNs) have been successfully applied to volume segmentation and other medical imaging tasks. They are capable of achieving... 8 MIN READ
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DeepSig: Deep Learning for Wireless Communications

[caption id="attachment_11538" align="alignright" width="396"] Figure 1. The channel autoencoder matches the optimal known solution for BPSK in an AWGN... 12 MIN READ
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Tensor Ops Made Easier in cuDNN

Neural network models have quickly taken advantage of NVIDIA Tensor Cores for deep learning since their introduction in the Tesla V100 GPU last year. For... 6 MIN READ