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Data Science

NVIDIA IndeX Now Available on Google Cloud

NVIDIA IndeX is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. With the IndeX SDK, scientists and researchers can visualize, interact with… 3 MIN READ

GPU-Accelerated Supercomputer Assists Firefighters in California

The recent wildfires in California spread at an alarming rate — forcing people to evacuate within minutes of first learning about it. To help battle future… 2 MIN READ
Data Science

DataScience Raises $22M To Predict Customer Value, Reduce Traffic Deaths And More

Using the NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform in the Amazon Web Services cloud, this Southern California startup is supporting the City of Los Angeles… 2 MIN READ

Fortune: "NVIDIA must be stoked: This startup is taking graphics chips corporate"

MapD, an NVIDIA-funded startup, has created a new type of database to handle terabytes of data and impressive visualizations that relies on GPUs instead of the… 2 MIN READ