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Cloudera and NVIDIA Collaborate to Accelerate Data Analytics and AI at Scale

With Cloudera CDP and the power of NVIDIA computing, customers like IRS and Commerzbank can accelerate data processing and model training at a lower cost across… 4 MIN READ
Data Science

NASA and NVIDIA Collaborate to Accelerate Scientific Data Science Use Cases, Part 1

Over the past couple of years, NVIDIA and NASA have been working closely on accelerating data science workflows using RAPIDS and integrating these GPU… 7 MIN READ
Data Science

Speedy Model Training With RAPIDS + Determined AI

Model developers no longer face a steep learning curve to accelerate model training. By utilizing two open-source software projects, Determined AI’s Deep… 7 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

NVIDIA Deepens Commitment to Streamlining Recommender Workflows with GTC Spring Sessions

Here a few key sessions from industry leaders in media, delivery-on-demand, and retail at GTC Spring 2021. 2 MIN READ
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Best Practices for Using AI to Develop the Most Accurate Retail Forecasting Solution

A leading global retailer has invested heavily in becoming one of the most competitive technology companies around. Accurate and timely demand forecasting for… 16 MIN READ
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GTC 21: Top 5 Data Science Technical Sessions

Learn from the world’s most advanced data science teams, here are some highlighted data science sessions planned for GTC. 3 MIN READ