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Data Center Networking - Top Resources from GTC 21

NVIDIA is enabling these organizations to easily develop accelerated applications and implement cybersecurity frameworks in order to deliver breakthrough… 2 MIN READ

NVIDIA BlueField European Hackathon Fuels Data Center Innovation with Pioneering DPU-based Applications Demonstrations

At NVIDIA where non-stop innovation is our culture, we are hosting a global series of regional Data Processing Unit (DPU) software hackathons over the next 12… 5 MIN READ

Make a Digital Twin of your Data Center with SONiC running on NVIDIA Air

We have made it incredibly easy to try-out a full multi-switch network fabric using the Microsoft SONiC operating system – in a virtual data center that is… 4 MIN READ

NVIDIA and Palo Alto Networks Deliver Unprecedented Firewall Performance for 5G Cloud-Native Security with DPU Acceleration

Watch the replay of this joint session at GTC 21 to learn about achieving near-line rate speed of a next-generation firewall through the use of DPUs for a… 4 MIN READ

Securing and Accelerating Modern Data Center Workloads with NVIDIA ASAPĀ² Technology

At GTC 2021, global technology partners together with NVIDIA showcased the ways in which they leverage the ASAP2 technology to secure and accelerate modern data… 7 MIN READ

Accelerating Solution Development with DOCA on NVIDIA BlueField DPUs

Learn how you can use DOCA to offload infrastructure workloads from the host CPU and accelerate them with the BlueField DPU. 9 MIN READ