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Data Science

Best Practices for Using AI to Develop the Most Accurate Retail Forecasting Solution

A leading global retailer has invested heavily in becoming one of the most competitive technology companies around. Accurate and timely demand forecasting for… 16 MIN READ
Data Science

Monitoring High-Performance Machine Learning Models with RAPIDS and whylogs

Machine learning (ML) data is big and messy. Organizations have increasingly adopted RAPIDS and cuML to help their teams run experiments faster and achieve… 7 MIN READ
Data Science

Explaining and Accelerating Machine Learning for Loan Delinquencies

Machine learning (ML) can extract deep, complex insights out of data to help make decisions. In many cases, using more advanced models delivers real business… 16 MIN READ
Data Science

Making Python Data Science Enterprise-Ready with Dask

At NVIDIA, we are driving change in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Some of the key trends that drive us are as follows: The rise… 10 MIN READ
Data Science

Accelerating Spark 3.0 and XGBoost End-to-End Training and Hyperparameter Tuning

At GTC Spring 2020, Adobe, Verizon Media, and Uber each discussed how they used Spark 3.0 with GPUs to accelerate and scale ML big data pre-processing, training… 17 MIN READ
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Optimizing and Improving Spark 3.0 Performance with GPUs

Apache Spark continued the effort to analyze big data that Apache Hadoop started over 15 years ago and has become the leading framework for large-scale… 11 MIN READ