Figure 1: The Tesla V100 Accelerator with Volta GV100 GPU. SXM2 Form Factor.
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Using CUDA Warp-Level Primitives

NVIDIA GPUs execute groups of threads known as warps in SIMT (Single Instruction, Multiple Thread) fashion. Many CUDA programs achieve high performance by… 16 MIN READ
Register Cachel
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Register Cache: Caching for Warp-Centric CUDA Programs

In this post we introduce the "register cache", an optimization technique that develops a virtual caching layer for threads in a single warp. It is a software… 16 MIN READ
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Cooperative Groups: Flexible CUDA Thread Programming

In efficient parallel algorithms, threads cooperate and share data to perform collective computations. To share data, the threads must synchronize. 16 MIN READ
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CUDA 9 Features Revealed: Volta, Cooperative Groups and More

The CUDA 9 release includes support for Volta GPUs, Cooperative Groups programming model extensions, faster libraries, and improved developer tools. 17 MIN READ