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Graphics / Simulation

How to Get Started with OptiX 7

There has been a recent shift in high-performance API design towards providing lower-level control of resource management and execution scheduling. 20 MIN READ
Game Development

Coffee Break Series: Ray Tracing in Games with NVIDIA RTX

Ray tracing will soon revolutionize the way video games look. Ray tracing simulates how rays of light hit and bounce off of objects… 8 MIN READ
Virtual Reality

NVIDIA SMP Assist API for VR Programming

The NVIDIA SMP (simultaneous multi-projection) Assist NVAPI driver extension is a simple method for integrating Multi-Res Shading and Lens-Matched Shading into… 10 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Introduction to NVIDIA RTX and DirectX Ray Tracing

Ray tracing is the future, and it always will be!" has been the tongue-in-cheek phrase used by graphics developers for decades when asked whether real-time ray… 14 MIN READ