Tag: Computer Aided Design (CAD)

AI / Deep Learning

AI Helps Predict and Sketch Computer-Aided Design Models

Researchers from Princeton University and Columbia University recently introduced SketchGraphs, a large-scale dataset of computer-aided design (CAD) sketches… 2 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Dyndrite Unveils First GPU-Accelerated Geometry Kernel to tackle Data Explosion in Additive Manufacturing

the team at Dyndrite has developed a new GPU-based platform: Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE), the world’s first GPU-accelerated geometry kernel. 4 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Transform Flat Images Into High-Resolution 3D Models

Researchers from University of California, Berkeley developed a deep learning-based method that creates a 3D reconstruction from a single 2d color image. 3 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Share Your Science: Accelerating Aircraft Design on the Cloud

Cyril Chamenois, co-founder and COO of Elixir Aircraft, shares how they are using NVIDIA technologies to develop the industry’s first aircraft designed using… < 1
Graphics / Simulation

Creating Realistic Materials for the Hyundai Genesis

At the 2016 GPU Technology Conference (GTC), Hyundai presented how they used GPU-accelerated design software to create a full set of virtual materials for the… 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Trained Robot Autonomously Spray Paints Bicycle Frames

A team from the Advanced Intelligent Robot Laboratory at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology used CUDA, GeForce and Kinect Fusion to train… 2 MIN READ