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AI / Deep Learning

Federated Learning with Homomorphic Encryption

In NVIDIA Clara Train 4.0, we added homomorphic encryption (HE) tools for federated learning (FL). HE enables you to compute data while the data is still… 5 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Creating Medical Imaging Models with NVIDIA Clara Train 4.0

NVIDIA Clara Train, an application framework for training medical imaging models, has undergone significant changes for its upcoming release at the beginning of… 11 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Powering AutoML-enabled AI Model Training with Clara Train

Deep neural networks (DNNs) have been successfully applied to volume segmentation and other medical imaging tasks. They are capable of achieving state-of-the… 8 MIN READ

Federated Learning powered by NVIDIA Clara

AI requires massive amounts of data. This is particularly true for industries such as healthcare. For example, training an automatic tumor diagnostic system… 12 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Build, Manage, and Deploy AI-enhanced Clinical Workflows with Clara Deploy SDK

The medical imaging industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation driven by two technology trends. Artificial Intelligence and software-defined solutions are… 13 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Fast AI Assisted Annotation and Transfer Learning Powered by the Clara Train SDK

The growing volume of clinical data in medical imaging slows down identification and analysis of specific features in an image. This reduces the annotation… 8 MIN READ