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Caffe2: Portable High-Performance Deep Learning Framework from Facebook

Yesterday Facebook launched Caffe2, an open-source deep learning framework made with expression, speed, and modularity in mind. It is a major redesign of... 12 MIN READ
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Artificial Intelligence System Predicts How You Will Look With Different Hair Styles

A new personalized search engine helps you explore what you would look like with brown hair, curly hair or in a different time period. Upload a selfie to... 2 MIN READ
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Pinterest Introduces the Future of Visual Search

The popular social photo sharing site is adding the ability for people to take a photo of things in the real-world and get recommendations for similar products... 2 MIN READ
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Saving Earth’s Coral Reefs with Deep Learning

Global warming and pollution are causing severe stress to coral reefs across the world. Researchers from the University of California Berkeley and University of... 2 MIN READ
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Ford Using Deep Learning for Lane Detection

Researchers from the recently expanded Ford Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto, California developed a new sub-centimeter accurate approach to estimate... 2 MIN READ
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MIT Researchers Created Eye-Tracking Solution For Your Smartphone

From scientific research to commercial applications, eye tracking is an important tool across many domains. Researchers from MIT and University of Georgia... 2 MIN READ