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Training a Recommender System on DGX A100 with 100B+ Parameters in TensorFlow 2

Learn how using the combination of model parallel and data parallel enables practitioners to train large-scale recommender systems in minutes instead of days. 13 MIN READ
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Deep Learning vs Machine Learning Challenger Models for Default Risk with Explainability

This post details the credit default risk prediction with deep learning and machine learning models. 18 MIN READ
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Creating Custom, Production-Ready AI Models Faster with NVIDIA TAO

Learn about the latest updates to NVIDIA TAO, an AI-model-adaptation framework, and NVIDIA TAO toolkit, a CLI and Jupyter notebook-based version of TAO. 2 MIN READ
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An Important Skill for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Practitioners

Read about the most important soft skill for ML practitioners and Data Scientists. 14 MIN READ
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AI Pioneers Write So Should Data Scientists

This post highlights the role of Data Scientist in producing AI related written content to be consumed by the public. 6 MIN READ
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NVIDIA AI-on-5G for Enterprise: A Converged Platform for AI and 5G at the Edge

Learn how the NVIDIA AI-on-5G platform enables enterprises to deploy AI applications over their own private 5G network. 4 MIN READ