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AI / Deep Learning

Facebook’s AI Model Outmatches Competitors in Poker

Facebook researchers developed a reinforcement learning model that can outmatch human competitors in heads-up, no-limit Texas hold’em, and turn endgame hold’em… 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Allen Institute for AI Announces BERT-Breakthrough: Passing a 12th-Grade Science Exam

The system called Aristo can read, learn, and reason about science, in this case emulating the decision making of students. 4 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Fabula AI Develops A New Algorithm to Stop Fake News

London based startup Fabula AI has developed a deep learning-based system that can help identify fake news across online platforms. 3 MIN READ

Pro Tip: cuBLAS Strided Batched Matrix Multiply

There’s a new computational workhorse in town. For decades, general matrix-matrix multiply—known as GEMM in Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines (BLAS) libraries… 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Google Releases TensorFlow 1.0

Google recently announced the release of version 1.0 of its TensorFlow deep learning framework at their inaugural TensorFlow Developer Summit. In just its first… 2 MIN READ

GPU-Accelerated PC Solves Complex Problems Hundreds of Times Faster Than Massive CPU-only Supercomputers

Russian scientists from Lomonosov Moscow State University used an ordinary GPU-accelerated desktop computer to solve complex quantum mechanics equations in just… 2 MIN READ