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Improving Enterprise IT Fraud Prevention

This post discusses infrastructure factors to consider, such as performance, hardware, and types of AI software for implementing a fraud prevention strategy. 7 MIN READ
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DLI Course: Disaster Risk Monitoring Using Satellite Imagery

In collaboration with the United Nations, DLI is offering a new free online course focused on applying deep learning methods to generate accurate flood detection models. < 1
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Explore Resources and Activities for Jetson Nano Users with the "Summer of Jetson" from NVIDIA and SparkFun

Experience the “Summer of Jetson” now through Sept. 30, with quizzes, prizes, and a project showcase to learn about the joys of working with the Jetson Nano developer kit. < 1
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Build Custom Synthetic Data Generation Pipelines with Omniverse Replicator

Overcome data challenges and build high-quality synthetic data to accelerate the training and accuracy of AI perception networks with Omniverse Replicator, available in beta. 8 MIN READ
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Novel Transformer Model Achieves State-of-the-Art Benchmarks in 3D Medical Image Analysis

The NVIDIA Swin UNETR model is the first attempt for large-scale transformer-based self-supervised learning in 3D medical imaging. 6 MIN READ
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Exploring NVIDIA TensorRT Engines with TREx

This walkthrough summarizes the TREx workflow and highlight API features for examining data and TensorRT engines. 16 MIN READ