Red Hat Releases Infrastructure for NVIDIA Morpheus AI Security Framework

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Red Hat now offers infrastructure to support the NVIDIA Morpheus AI-powered cybersecurity framework. Customers and technology partners can develop and deploy Morpheus-based security solutions using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Red Hat OpenShift on NVIDIA-Certified mainstream servers and deploy RHEL on the NVIDIA BlueField DPU. The joint solution delivers the benefits of a proven, trusted Linux distribution and an advanced, comprehensive container management system when deploying solutions built on top of NVIDIA’s new AI security framework.

The key benefits include the ability to:

  • Deploy Morpheus AI data science framework on RHEL 
  • Manage Morpheus-based containers and applications with Red Hat OpenShift
  • Use BlueField DPUs as server sensors to provide network telemetry to Morpheus

NVIDIA Morpheus uses RAPIDS and the power of NVIDIA GPUs to support large-scale, real-time analysis of network traffic, server telemetry, application logs, and other types of unstructured data. The BlueField DPU acts as an endpoint sensor that can deliver network telemetry to Morpheus using the NetQ agent from any server, including screening network traffic between VMs or containers on the same server. The DPU can also perform line-rate network data encryption and act as a cybersecurity policy enforcement point on every server. Servers running the Morpheus analytics pipeline need a container management system and each DPU runs a Linux-based OS–developers and end users can now choose Red Hat solutions for both.

Figure 1. NVIDIA Morpheus is now available using Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift.

Red Hat is the industry leader for open-source solutions for enterprise, including Linux and container management. RHEL is the world’s most popular supported Linux version, powering over one third of servers running a paid OS (Source: IDC, Worldwide Server Operating Environments Market Shares 2018), giving enterprises a reliable, stable, more secure foundation for critical applications. Red Hat OpenShift helps customers cut application development time and simplifies IT operations for deploying and managing applications both on-premises and across hybrid clouds. Available on both on-prem servers and in the cloud, OpenShift gives organizations consistent management and abstraction layers for both developers and IT operations teams.

ISVs, integrators and end users creating cybersecurity solutions on top of Morpheus can now combine the power of the world’s leader in accelerated AI, data science, and networking with the world’s leader in enterprise Linux and container management. Red Hat and NVIDIA are also working to support a broad selection of data science solutions and bring OpenShift to run on the NVIDIA DPUs.  

For details on how to deploy the Red Hat infrastructure for NVIDIA Morpheus, see this Red Hat Developer blog post.  To read the announcement about the Red Hat and NVIDIA Morpheus solution, read the blog post. To start developing security solutions on NVIDIA Morpheus, join the Morpheus early access program by applying here

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