Developer Blog: Securing and Accelerating Cloud Computing Platforms with NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPUs

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Cloud technologies are increasingly taking over the worldwide IT infrastructure market. With offerings that include elastic compute, storage, and networking, cloud service providers (CSPs) allow customers to rapidly scale their IT infrastructure up and down without having to build and manage it on their own.

The increasing demand for differentiated and cost-effective cloud products and services is rapidly translating into growth opportunities for CSPs. All this is driving CSPs toward adopting software-defined data center principles to deploy, operate, and scale their massive infrastructures with the greatest possible agility. However, a purely software-defined solution doesn’t provide the necessary level of performance and efficiency. Only the combination of software-defined, hardware-accelerated cloud infrastructures enables CSPs to prevail in this competitive market.

NVIDIA is building data center–scale computing platforms that transform cloud computing with new levels of performance and efficiency. A key component of this effort is the new NVIDIA BlueField-2 Data Processing Unit, or DPU. BlueField-2 DPUs deliver a range of  software-defined and hardware-accelerated infrastructure services including networking, storage, security, and manageability.

In the developer blog, we’ll show you how BlueField-2 DPUs allow cloud service providers, telecom operators and enterprises to build high-performing, efficient, and secure cloud infrastructures.

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