Developer Blog: Accelerating Robotics Simulation with NVIDIA Omniverse Isaac Sim

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NVIDIA released a new NVIDIA Omniverse Experience for Robotics for NVIDIA Isaac Sim to help support the accelerating need for accurate, reliable, easy-to-use simulation tools in robotics.

With many research labs and universities closed indefinitely, roboticists around the world are separated from the physical hardware and environments that they need for developing, testing, and deploying autonomous machines. Now more than ever, better simulation tools can help keep vital efforts in robotics and automation moving forward. 

This Robotics Experience presents the NVIDIA Isaac Sim simulation toolkit within Omniverse Kit. Building Isaac Sim into the Omniverse platform brings several useful improvements over existing robotics workflows.

Here’s a closer look at the previews and example code included within this release.

Read the full tutorial on the NVIDIA Developer Blog.